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TMJ – temperal mandibula joint

Function – the TMJ has 2 primary functions mastication/grinding of food and balance i.e relationship with the posture. With a relaxed unobstructed TMJ helping to promote wellness, digestion, cell regeneration.

Anatomy of TMJ – connects to the forehead, to the lower jaw. It consists of two parts, upper sliding joint and the lower hinge joint. An articular disc seperates the two compartments and the entire joint is encapsulated and contains synovial fluid which is the bodies joint lubricant.  It is a very tight joint, reinforced by tendons, ligaments and supported with an intricate array of muscles. Many horses suffer from.


Problems – TMJ pain (disfunction) this involves soft tissue pain; myofascial and ligamentous. As the inflammatory process progresses what starts as a bit of discomfort becomes a raging headache.