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Q - What’s the main difference from a standard well-made bridle to Quantum

A - Quantum’s unique headpiece is the key to clearing the major ligaments and facial nerves unlike other designs it is curved away from the TMJ, raised over the Nuchal ligament and clinically removes pressure to the areas of the main nerve clusters on the side of the face, this eliminates pressure to these areas.

Q- Can I have a bling/crystal browband

A – Yes, we have Crystal Browbands in all sizes and Bridle colours (please see accessories)

Q – How do we clean it

A – Wipe with a damp cloth and tack cleaner and you can Use any good quality leather care it is advised not to use oil as the quality of the leather is already soft.

Q - Is it dressage Legal

A - It is BD and FEI approved and is being used British Eventing and other disciplines

Q- I need to change bits will Quantum be able to accommodate different types of bits

A -You will have two different length cheekpiece straps for the ultimate adjustment with any bit we do also offer a 3 option and also the Double Bridle attachment’s

Q – Can I have different nosebands

A – The standard Quantum Bridle comes with the slim raised noseband, we do have available a selection of different nosebands to offer such as a wide/padded Patent, Flat Hunter style and Frontier (please see accessories)

Q - What if it does not quite fit correctly

A – We are happy to give fitting consultations via video and refund or exchange parts so that your horse gets the ultimate fit right from the word go


Q – Does it stretch

A – Because leather is a natural fibre it will give to a certain degree, any parts that break or are faulty will be replaced free of charge

Q -My horse has a bridle made up of different sizes i.e. Full headpiece and cob cheekpieces, will Quantum offer a better fit

A Because the Quantum is built in components it is possible to reach a bespoke fit for your horse for example if you have a xfull headpiece you can have a cob browband and a pony noseband