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The Quantum Bridle
The Quantum Bridle
The Quantum Bridle
The Quantum Bridle
Quantum Bridle

Scientifically Vet Tested

The Quantum Bridle was independently tested by Professor Adrian Harrison at the Copenhagen Vet university and published in the Vet journal twice.

In 2020 using acoustic myography recordings, revealed that horses not only exhibit a MUCH MORE REGULAR MUSCLE ACTIVITY but there muscle contractions are also associated with FEWER SUDDEN UNCOMFORTABLE/ PAINFUL MUSCLE REACTONS with a highly BALENCED MUSCLE USE therefore contributing to LESS FATIGUE and GREATER RANGE OF MOVEMENT.

In 2023 following the sudden and unexpected ban of the Welfare noseband by FEI after 4 years of approval Professor Adrian Harrison performed another independent study using the Quantum bridle and 4 other randomly picked anatomical FEI approved bridles. Using 3 different methods of testing (Fuji Film, CURO and SEN0299) and several horses with bridles picked in random order per horse, each bridle was fitted with the FEI approved taper Gauge. In conclusion Quantum Welfare noseband EXERTS SIGNIFICANTLY LESS PRESSURE on the nose than all of the FEI approved bridles in all 3 forms of testing.

The full Vet journal published study for each can be found on our research page.